QML based frontend for MythTV

Help - ZoneMinder Events Viewer

This screen shows a list of ZoneMinder events that can be sorted and filtered to find the events you want to see.

You can show the events for all or one particular camera and choose which date to show events for. You can also sort the list and choose whether to show archived and/or continuous events.

The popup menu also has options refresh the list, to rename an event and to mark an event as Archived.

Keys used on this screen

  • UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT (Arrow Keys) Move the highlight

  • OK (ENTER) Open the selected window.

  • RED (F1) Delete the selected event

  • GREEN (F2) Change the sort order (Oldest First or Newest First).

  • YELLOW (F3) Filter the list by what caused the event (All, Continuous or Motion).

  • BLUE (F4) Filter the list by whether an event has been archived or not (All, Yes or No).

  • MENU (M) Show the popup menu

  • HELP (H) Show this help page

  • FAQ

    How do you delete an Archived event?

    Archived events are protected from being deleted so you will have to select the event you want to delete then press MENU (M) and on the popup menu choose Unarchive. You can now delete the event as normal by pressing RED (F1) or the DELETE (D) key.

    How do you rename an event?

    Press MENU (M) and choose the Rename option from the popup menu.

    Known Problems



  • The list should auto update every few seconds or minutes or so to keep the list fresh
  • Experiment with showing the events in a tree view

  • ZoneMinder Events Viewer A screenshot of ZoneMinder Events Viewer.