QML based frontend for MythTV

Help - ZoneMinder Console

This screen shows the ZoneMinder server status and a list of monitors and their statuses.

You can change a camera's status, Restart or Stop the ZomenMinder server and refresh the data shown on screen.

NOTE This screen uses the ZoneMinder's API to get the data and interact with the ZoneMinder server so you need make sure you tell MythQML where and how to connect to the API on the ZoneMinder Settings screen.

Keys used on this screen

  • UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT (Arrow Keys) Move the highlight.

  • RED (F1) Edit's the selected camera.

  • GREEN (F2) Restarts ZoneMinder.

  • YELLOW (F3) Stops the ZoneMinder server.

  • BLUE (F4) Refreshes the data.

  • HELP (H) Shows this help page

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