QML based frontend for MythTV

Help - YouTube Subscriptions

This screen show a list of YouTube channels on the left that you subscribe to and on the right a list of new videos uploaded by the selected channel. It's a quick way to see any new videos from the YouTube channels you are interested in.

NOTE: For the moment the channels are read from an external XML file and are not the same as the channels you subscribe to on YouTube. The default list is just a demo selection of channels which is downloaded from the MythQML web server but you can create your own list and tell MythQML where to find the list in the Feed Source settings.

NOTE: Some of the information required by this screen is gathered using the YouTube API which requires a key to work. There is a setting on the Feed Source settings to add a YouTube API key if you have one. The MythQML project does have it's own project API key it can use but for the moment I don't know how to use it in a secure way without it becoming public when it's used in an open source project like MythQML?

Keys used on this screen

  • UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT (Arrow Keys) Move the highlight
  • OK (Return) Play the selected video.

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    Known Problems

    To work properly the screen needs access to the YouTube API which requires a key. Need to find a way for MythQML to use a project key but to keep it secure (not easy in a open source project)


  • The list of channel subscriptions should optionally come from YouTube and/or be user editable in the user interface.

  • YouTube Subscriptions A screenshot of YouTube Subscriptions.