QML based frontend for MythTV

Help - RSS Feeds

This screen shows the latest articles available from your selected RSS feeds in MythNews.

The left list shows the RSS feeds and the right list shows the news articles for the selected feed. If you press OK (ENTER) on an article then the builtin web browser will show the full article.

Keys used on this screen

  • LEFT/RIGHT (Arrow Keys) Move between the lists

  • UP/DOWN (Arrow Keys) Move up and down the lists

  • OK (ENTER) Opens the web browser and shows the full article.

  • FAQ

    How do I add or edit a RSS news feed?

    The list comes from the MythNews plugin in MythTV and currently there is no support in the MythTV Services API to modify the list so the only way is to use MythNews to add or modify the RSS feeds.

    Known Problems



  • When the API has support pull the list using that and add support to add/edit feeds in MythQML and push the changes back to MythNews.

  • The RSS feeds list should be broken up by Category like News, Sport, and Entertainment but MythNews does not currently have that information. Another candidate for a tree view perhaps?

    RSS Feeds A screenshot of the RSS Feeds screen.