QML based frontend for MythTV

Help - Launcher

The Launcher (mythlauncher_qml) shows a simple menu allowing you to run various frontends as well as shutdown, reboot or exit the Launcher. You can also change settings from the Launcher if required.

The available frontends include

  • MythQML - This is the new frontend based on Qt's QML. It works best if MythTV is also installed but will work without it.

  • Legacy Frontend - This is the original mythfrontend and so requires MythTV to be installed and setup.

  • Kodi - This will run the Kodi application. You can add the MythTV plugin to Kodi which you can use as a alternative frontend to MythTV.

  • Pluto TV - This will open the Pluto TV webpage in fullscreen mode. It is not remote/keyboard friendly so requires a mouse to work properly.

  • Netflix - This will open the Netflix webpage in fullscreen mode. This is also not remote/keyboard friendly so requires a mouse to work properly.

  • By default when the Launcher first starts up it will run the MythQML frontend. When you then exit out of the MythQML frontend you can switch frontends or shutdown/reboot/exit etc.

    As with most screens pressing MENU (M) will show a menu of options which allow you to see the version information, change volume levels, switch the radio player on/off etc.

    Keys used on this screen

  • UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT (Arrow Keys) Move the highlight

  • OK (Return) Select the highlighted option.

  • RED (F1) Toggle screensaver mode - shows only the screen background

  • GREEN (F2) Toggle mute for the background audio.

  • MENU (M) Show the popup menu

  • (F) Toggle fullscreen mode.

  • VOLUME DOWN ([) Turn the background video volume down.

  • VOLUME UP (]) Turn the background video volume up.

  • FAQ

    How do I exit the Launcher?

    Press MENU and select the Exit option. The Launcher won't exit on ESCAPE so you can't accidentally close it.

    Known Problems



  • Allow the user to chooose which frontends to show in the Launcher.
  • Add other possible frontends like iPlayer, UKTV Play etc.?
  • Allow the user to choose which frontend to auto start when first run (it's possible to do that now but you need to edit the database setting for it. Setting is "AutoStartFrontend").

  • Launcher A screenshot of the MythQML Launcher.