What`s new with MythQML

Add a help page to many screens

This adds a help page for some screens that explains what the screen does, how to use it, any know problems, an FAQ and what's on the todo list for future improvements.

Add a background radio player

Add a background radio player that both themes and webcams can use to play an associated radio stream.

Add new IPTV channel viewer

This new screen adds a IPTV channel viewer.

Add new YouTube Subscriptions screen

This new screen shows any new YouTube videos from channels you subscribe to.

Add new main menu layout called MythQ

Add a new screen layout similar to the SkyQ interface.

Add new MythCenterFIREPLACE theme

Add a new MythCenterFIREPLACE theme. This is a new theme for winter with a cosy log fire video background.

Add a screen saver mode to the main menu

Add a screen saver mode to the main menu and also allow the video background audio to be muted

Webcams can now have associated websites

Webcams can now have up to 10 website pages defined in their media feed which can be displayed in the browser while watching a webcam.

Add approaching data and better mini diagrams for RailCam web cameras

RailCam webcams can now show approaching data and have better mini diagrams. You can now also show the train times and data for any approaching trains in the side web browser.

Add new SlideShowXMAS Theme

A new Christmas theme has been added that shows random Christmas images.

The Christmas 2019 Advent Calendar is now available

Four new video advent calendars are available for 2019.

Add YouTube/RailCam chat viewer and RailCam track diagram to the media player

You can now show a YouTube chat or RailCam chat browser along side the video player and for RailCam feeds you can show a mini track diagram.

New 3D Village Halloween theme now available and new background for the old Halloween theme

A new Halloween theme has been added using the popular 3D Village screen savers for the background video. Also the old MythCenterHALLOWEEN theme has a new background for 2019.

New 3D Village Autumn theme 2019 now available

A new Autumn theme has been added using the popular 3D Village screen savers for the background video.

Autumn theme 2019 now available

An updated version of the Autumn theme has been added for 2019.

New MythQML Launcher added

This is a new application that can act as a convenient launcher that allows you to choose to use the old MythTV Frontend or the new QML Frontend or even to use Kodi.

Introducing the LiveTV Channel Viewer

This is a new screen that allows you to quickly see what is on a TV channel now and next and to start watching a chosen channel.

WebCam Viewer updates

The WebCam viewer will now show a popup dialog detailing any changes to the available webcams.

What's New Screen

The What's New screen will now be shown at startup.

Introducing the What's New Screen

The 'What's New' screen shows what new, updated or fixed features or enhancements have been made since the last time MythQML was run.