Various fixes and improvements Posted by Paul Harrison on Wednesday - 25 August 2021

Various fixes and improvements

  • WatchRecordings: Add option to use either the mythprotocol or http streaming

  • WatchRecordings: ignore recordings in the LiveTV and Deleted recgroup. Note requires current MythTV master to work

  • WatchRecordings: add option to use either the MDK or QtAV players

  • VideosGridFolder: add option to use either the MDK or QtAV players.

  • IPTVViewer: Allow the decoder used to be changed. Press F5 to swap between VLC, QtAV or MDK players.

  • Fix a problem with the web browser sometimes not responding to mouse clicks

  • Make the behaviour of the various players more consistent

  • WebVideoViewer: show the full video description in the InfoDialog (Press I)

  • RadioPlayerDialog: save and restore last played theme music. Some themes allow you to choose from many music files or streams. MythQML will now remember which one you choose and play the same one the next time you start the frontend.