Introducing the What's New Screen Posted by Paul Harrison on Thursday - 01 August 2019

Introducing the What's New Screen

A new screen has been added that will show information about new, updated or fixed features added to MythQML recently.

You can see the screen by selecting the What's New menu item in the main menu. Future updates will show the screen at startup to highlight anything new the first time a new version is started.

You can use the What's New menu item to see the news at anytime.

What's New Screen features

You can scroll the news item up and down using the UP/DOWN arrows as normal. The / buttons will change to the Previous / Next news item if available. At the top of the screen next to the time the '1 of 3' text (as in the image of the example screen below) will show what news item is showing and how many items are available. The / buttons will zoom IN / OUT of the web page as required.

This is the new What's New screen showing an example news item. (Notice the colored action buttons at the bottom of the screen.