QML based frontend for MythTV

Installing on Ubuntu using the projects PPA

This project has both stable and development PPAs. Most users should use the stable PPA where the packages are built from the stable branch and the hope is they should be fairly stable but note some features are still not fully functional and subject to change.

To use the stable PPA

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mythtv-paulh/mythtv-qml
$ sudo apt-get update

To use the development PPA

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mythtv-paulh/mythtv-qml-dev
$ sudo apt-get update

NOTE: newer versions of the Apt tools will do the update automatically after adding a repository but doing it again doesn't harm anything.

Install MythQML

$ sudo apt install mythfrontend-qml
This will install MythQML and all required dependencies. It's that easy!

You should now take a look at the post install hints and tips here