QML based frontend for MythTV

Help - LiveTV Channel Viewer

This screen allows you to browse the MythTV channel list and select one to play. You can sort the list by Channel Number or Name and filter by Category and/or Video Source. You can also show a mini preview of the selected channel.

NOTE: this screen gets the channel and program information from the MythTV backend using the Services API.

Keys used on this screen

  • UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT (Arrow Keys) Move the highlight

  • OK (ENTER) Play the selected channel.

  • RED (F1) Change the Sort order by Channel Number or Name

  • GREEN (F2) Filter the list to show channels from a particular category like News or Movies.

  • YELLOW (F3) Filter the list to show channels from a particular Video Source.

  • BLUE (F4) Toggle the preview video on/off.

  • HELP (H) Show this help page.

  • FAQ


    Known Problems

    Channel sorting has stopped working


  • Add a popup menu

  • Add a way to search for a channel.

  • Maybe a tree hirectory view would be a better way to show the available channels.

  • Should show or warn the user if a channel can't be shown because there are no available tuners.

  • LiveTV Channel Viewer A screenshot of LiveTV Channel Viewer.