QML based frontend for MythTV

Help - Theme Settings

These settings tell MythQML what theme to use and whether to run in fullscreen mode. There is also an experimental setting to switch to the new MythQ screen layout.



The name of the theme to use. Use the LEFT/RIGHT keys to select the theme.

Default is MythCenter

Start Fullscreen

If checked both mythfrontend_qml and mythlauncher_qml will start in fullscreen mode.

Default is checked

Use MythQ Menu Layout

If checked mythfrontend_qml will use the new MythQ screen layout. NOTE this is still experimental and not full functional.

Default is un-checked

Keys used on this screen

  • UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT (Arrow Keys) Changes the theme and moves the highlight

  • RED (F1) Cancel any changes then exit the screen

  • GREEN (F2) Save your settings and exit the screen.

  • BLUE (F4) Show this help web page.

  • FAQ

    My settings didn't save

    You must click on the Save button or press GREEN (F2) to save your settings.

    Known Problems

    Switching themes sometimes requires a restart to work properly. Also the MythQ layout is still very much work-in-progress and not everything works properly in this layout.



  • Make switching themes not require a restart - I think this now works OK
  • Finish the MythQ screen layout.

    Theme Settings A screenshot of Theme Settings.