QML based frontend for MythTV

Help - Media Player

Work In ProgressThis screen is WIP and will change in the future.

This is the main media player in MythQML. It currently has support 1, 2, 3 or 4 players visible on screen at a time. Each media player can be from any media source supported by MythQML and can be anyone of a number of decoder/players supported by MythQML. We currently have a support for QmlVlc, QtAV, Streamlink, YouTube, YouTubeTV, WebBrowser and a custom StreamBuffer based players.

The media player can also show a side browser that is useful to see any linked websites or things like YouTube chat.

The popup menu allows you to change screen layouts from fullscreen to PIP or various PBP layouts and even a quad screen layout. Also for some feed sources you can quickly browse the available channels in the popup menu and choose one to view. There is a Switch Source option in the menu that allows you to change the active media player to a different Feed Source (Live TV, IPTV, Recordings, Videos, Webcams, Web Videos and ZoneMinder Cameras).

If you find a webcam that appears to be broken you select Report Broken WebCam and that will send me an anonymous message with the details so I can either fix or remove it from the public webcam lists

Some Virtual Railfan channels have one or more radio channels associated with them that come from local radio scanners picking up the broadcasts between the dispatchers and train drivers or railroad maintenance men etc. Pressing (F8) or select Radio Player... from the popup menu you can show the popup radio player and turn on/off these radio streams and select which one to listen to.

Keys used on this screen

  • UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT (Arrow Keys) Move the highlight

  • OK (Return) Open the selected window.

  • RED (F1) Change to the previous feed/channel.

  • GREEN (F2) Change to the next feed/channel.

  • RED (F3) Show any associated we web pages.

  • GREEN (F4) Show Railcam Info (only applicable to RailCam webcams).

  • INFO (I) Show the information banner for the current channel.

  • MENU (M) Show the popup menu.

  • MUTE (F9) Mute the audio.

  • (,) Skip back 30 seconds.

  • (.) Skip forward 30 seconds.

  • (<) Skip back 60 seconds.

  • (>) Skip forward 60 seconds.

  • REWIND (PAGE UP) Skip back 10 minutes.

  • Fast Forward (PAGE DOWN) Skip forward 10 minutes.

  • VOLUME UP/VOLUME DOWN ([/]) Increase or decrease the volume.

  • PLAY (P) Toggle pause on/off.

  • STOP (O) Stop playback.

  • (D) Switch de-interlacers,

  • (F8) Show the Radio Player

  • (F11) Take a snapshot of the active media player.

  • HELP (H) Show this help page.

  • FAQ

    How do I switch to another screen layout like PIP

    Press MENU (M) and select option Switch Layout press right arrow key to move to the sub menu and choose the layout you want to see.

    Known Problems

  • Sometimes when switching layouts the players don't always start playing properly (Press RED (F1) and GREEN (F2) to switch channels back and forth and it should start to play OK).

  • Not all media types support pausing and resuming properly.

  • Not all media types support rewind and fast forwarding properly.

  • Sometimes if a player is a webbrowser based one like the YouTube player and the mouse is clicked inside the player window it will steal the focus from MythQML and there is no way to get it back.

  • TODO

  • Make the transitions between layouts less clunky.

  • Need to implement commercial skipping for MythTV recordings and make rewind/fast-forward more robust.

  • Need to add a channel browser to make it easier to find and switch to a channel from within the media player.

  • Some media sources aren't fully implemented yet in the popup menu.

  • Need to hide some sources like ZoneMinder Cameras if the user doesn't have a ZM setup for example.

  • Lots of thing to tidy up like the play/pause button doesn't change to reflect the playback state etc.

  • Media Player A screenshot of the Media Player.