QML based frontend for MythTV

QT QML based frontend for MythTV

MythQML is an exciting new project to create an experimental frontend to the popular MythTV PVR based on QT's QML.

These are some screenshots of the early pre-release version of MythQML.


The main focus is to create a modern looking frontend which allows mixing normal TV content from MythTV with streaming content like YouTube videos, webcam feeds, ZoneMinder CCTV feeds and IPTV feed. There is currently support for up to 4 video feeds on screen at a time that can be displayed in various screen layouts like PIP, PBP, Quad Screen etc. The aim is to create a UI that should be usable using only a remote control where possible and support the idea of a 10' interface (you should be able to use it sitting in an arm chair sitting 10' away from the TV).

The long term goal is to create a frontend that only uses the MythTV services API and doesn't require access to the MythTV database or network protocol but the current version does requires both since not everything is exposed from the MythTV services API.

As well as video playback there is a RSS news feed viewer and web browser, a music player, a radio stream player, an image viewer, an advent calendar, a webcam viewer, a web video viewer, a YouTube player, an IPTV channel viewer and some weather screens.

The current interface doesn't exploit the full potential of QML in regard to animations and transitions and currently largely mimics the MythCenter theme from MythTV, albeit with some tweaks like video back grounds, sound effects on key presses and alerts/notifications etc, and a simple slide screen transition animation but once the basics have been completed and when I have a better idea of how the look and feel should be I will start adding more bling.

There is a Ubuntu PPA available with packaged versions available for Bionic, Focal, Groovy and Hirsute and the full source code is available on GitHub. There is no build available for Windows but if there is interest one could possibly be made available (not looked to see if all the dependencies will compile in Windows).

There are more screenshots here, there's an FAQ, Help section with instructions to install and use MythQML. There's instructions to install from the projects PPA for existing MythBuntu users and basic instructions to compile from source for other distro users. You'll also find a handy hints and tips section to help setup and use MythQML.

The software is in a state of constant change and you can get an idea of what is currently being worked on by looking at the GitHub commits here.